About Us

The Professional Security Knowledge Network (PSKN) is Canada’s expert provider of online training for security guards and investigation professionals. Established by the Canadian Police Knowledge Network, PSKN is a trusted source for high quality Canadian content and learning services.











PSKN was first established in 2012 (as the Private Security Training Network) to develop, deliver, and support learning in Canada’s private security and investigation sector.  Working with security, investigation, and public safety experts, we provide online training and learning services to develop the skills and knowledge most needed by frontline personnel.  Whether you’re an individual looking to launch a new career or a company with employees around the globe, PSKN has your training solution.

For individuals, PSKN offers 24/7, hassle-free access to training courses to get started in a new career or on-going professional development.  For employers, we support complete training solutions — from off-the-shelf courses to custom course development and learning environments. PSKN makes your timing easy, cost-effective, and stress free.

PSKN is headquartered in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

About the Canadian Police Knowledge Network

PSKN was originally established by the Canadian Police Knowledge Network, a not-for-profit centre for technology-enhanced learning for Canada’s public safety community.  Founded in 2004, CPKN is a collaborative hub for learning and knowledge-sharing among police, law enforcement, and public safety professionals and actively works with the community to enhance and evolve learning models.