Develop competencies in leadership at your own pace that will allow you to best serve your organization and your community with the cost-effective and self-driven Canadian Credible Leadership Series.

Canadian Credible Leadership Is


The Evidence

The Canadian Credible Leadership Series provides easy to access and affordable leadership training that can enhance and develop skills in public safety professionals that can be used a stand-alone training or as a part of your organization’s leadership training strategy. The series develops skills and competencies that were identified through leadership survey as being most in need of development and addresses a gap in leadership training for all ranks and roles.

The effectiveness of the training has been identified through the IAPS field test.

IAPS Field Test

IAPS has successfully delivered over 7 Million hours of training to more than 38,000 students across the United States.  In order to assess the perceived effectiveness of the leadership program, the Institute for Credible Leadership Development conducted a short survey with participants delivered through an online survey. A total of 15,578 individuals responded to the survey.

  • 85% had positive feelings about the program
  • 83% reported they would likely use the program in their daily police work
  • 85% reported that they learned new information from the program
  • 83% felt the information would help improve a trusting relationship with their community
  • 74% felt that the program would assist their agency to improve internal leadership culture

The study demonstrates that law enforcement officers in the US both liked the training and learned from it. Enroll in the Canadian Credible Leadership program to begin your personal education, development and practice in 60 cumulative leadership skills based on public safetycompetencies and Kouzes and Posner’s 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership.

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“Well presented. Clear and easy to understand. Real examples were very helpful.” Student – Pilot Program

“This particular method of delivery is very helpful for those of us too busy to take time off work to do a course. It was great to be able to put in time here and there.” Student – Pilot Program


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