Basic Security Training – Manitoba

$200 - Includes the cost of one Provincial Licensing Exam

Basic Security Training – Manitoba, is just $200 - Includes the cost of one Provincial Licensing Exam – no hidden fees, no extra expenses. Professional Security Knowledge Network has a partnership with eProctor Canada that allows you to write your exam from the comfort of your own home.


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Developed in collaboration with Manitoba’s Department of Justice Private Investigators and Security Guards Program, this course is based on the Manitoba Security Guard Training Program Participant’s Manual. It provides a comprehensive overview of all the important areas needed to enter this industry and is Registrar approved.

This online course is delivered in ten modules and meets all government training requirements.

Learning areas include:

  1. General Duties and Responsibilities
  2. Professionalism
  3. You and the Law
  4. Patrolling
  5. Writing Notes and Reports
  6. Bomb Threats
  7. Access Control and Alarm Systems
  8. Traffic Control
  9. Fire
  10. Working Safely

For the full list of modules and associated learning objectives, please see BST – Manitoba Security Guard Training Program: Modules and Learning Objectives.



Target Audience

  • This course is designed for individuals who are pursuing a career in Manitoba's private security industry. It may also serve as a useful refresher for experienced security professionals.
  • Price

    $200 - Includes the cost of one Provincial Licensing Exam



    How do I write my Provincial Exam?

    eProctor Canada

    eProctor Canada is a convenient way to write your exam from the comfort of your own home. You will be supervised remotely by a trained and approved proctor all while saving on time and money of traveling to an in-person exam.

    Important Details About Exam Day

    • You have ONE hour to complete 63 multiple choice questions. The passing grade is 75%.
    • The Exam is delivered online by eProctor Canada
    • The cost of one exam is included in the price of your course registration. Re-write cost is $30 plus tax.
    • Once you have written your exam, eProctor Canada team will send your exam results (pass or fail) to the Manitoba Registrar. This information is a required component of the licensing application process. 
    • The Manitoba Registrar will inform the Professional Security Knowledge Network of your pass/fail results within 2-3 weeks.
    • Successful students will then gain access to their certificate through their account on Professional Security Knowledge Network within one business day when results are confirmed.

    How do I apply for my Security Guard License?


    Please note: Profession Security Knowledge Network is not involved in the licensing application or approval process.


    BST-Manitoba, is just $200 - Includes the cost of one Provincial Licensing Exam

    Important Notice About Licensing & COVID-19 Pandemic

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