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Security professionals work in many different sectors and settings – from commercial retail to personal protection. Whether protecting property or persons, security professionals require a broad range of knowledge and skills to effectively and safely carry out their duties.

Basic Security Training – Atlantic is a comprehensive training course for individuals seeking to enter this industry. It is designed to increase knowledge about the daily duties and responsibilities of a security professional and build the confidence needed to meet the challenges of the workplace. It may also be used as a refresher program for individuals who are currently working in the security industry.

This online course is delivered in seven modules and is equivalent to 40 hours of classroom instruction. It covers the following learning areas:

  1. Introduction to the Security Industry 
  2. Canadian Legal System 
  3. Basic Security Patrol Procedures 
  4. Communication 
  5. Documentation and Evidence 
  6. Emergency Response Procedures 
  7. Health and Safety 

For the full list of modules and associated learning objectives, please see Full Course Description with Learning Objectives.

Provincial Exam Information

In some jurisdictions, license applicants must successfully complete a provincially mandated exam in order to acquire a private security license. All applicants are encouraged to contact their local provincial government department for information on training and testing requirements.

Target Audience

  • Private Security
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