Anti-Racism for Workplaces


Preventing discrimination and harassment based on race is a fundamental to all workplaces. Allegations and incidents of racism in the workplace can: create an unsafe workplace, impair employee morale and wellbeing, and erode public trust.

How is training an important part of prevention?

  • The risk of incidents of workplace harassment occurring is reduced when people understand what conduct is “off-side” and hurtful
  • Employees of police services (and the public, when served) need to know they have a right to be free from harassment and discrimination on the basis of race (as set out in human rights laws and under collective agreements)
  • People and organizations need to understand how systemic racism operates, and how it may be tackled

Course Format: Meet Future Generation
What happens when the CEO brings in an A.I. Robot to make “objective” hiring decisions? Over 30-minutes of animated storytelling and interactive exercises, explore common race-based discrimination and harassment in North American workplaces.

Watch and listen to a cast of employees who share their experiences of racism at work — highlighting bias and stereotyping. It becomes clear that Future Generation needs a “reboot” to address systemic racism.

Learning Outcomes

When you have completed this course, you will be able to:

  • Define & understand terms such as:
    • Racial Bias
    • Racial Stereotyping
    • Colourblind Racism
    • Systemic Racism
  • Discuss some of the impacts of workplace racism on (a) individual people; and (b) an organization
  • Describe ways that organizations can address systemic racism; and create and meet diversity, equity and inclusion goals

Target Audience

  • Sworn Police
  • Police Services
  • Student
  • Private Security
  • Government and Other First Responders
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    30 minutes

    Content Provider

    Ryley Learning