Customer Service in the Police Environment


The ability to provide exceptional customer service is recognized as a key component to organizational success and personal achievement. While police are tasked first and foremost with maintaining peace and public safety, the work is highly customer-oriented, whether those customers are frontline officers, the courts, or citizens.

Customer Service in the Police Environment is designed to help learners identify customers and their needs, to understand why customers complain, and to be able to use this knowledge to communicate effectively. This course will also help learners deal with difficult customers and to provide service in a professional, positive manner.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Explain the role of police in customer service delivery
  • Explain the basic reasons for customer complaints and the skills that contribute to exceptional customer service
  • Explain the importance of good communication in delivering quality customer service
  • Explain the elements involved in providing exceptional customer service
  • Recall common customer service errors and the impact negative customer experiences can have on your organization
  • Explain ways to deal with difficult customers that will positively impact your customer service
  • Identify customer service protocols to follow when using various modes of communication

Target Audience

  • Sworn Police
  • Police Services
  • Student
  • Private Security
  • Government and Other First Responders
  • Price



    2 hours

    Content Provider

    Content for this course was created by Steve Pilote, an HR consultant specializing in supervisory, leadership, management, and executive development. He is also a veteran member of the Winnipeg Police Service.