Organized Retail Crime

Price: $25.00

Language: English

Length: 30 minutes

Organized retail crime (ORC) is an issue that affects business, the public and law enforcement in a variety of ways. The Crime Prevention Team focuses on the identification of prolific organized retail crime offenders, collaborate with retail stakeholders and support front line sworn officers.

In an effort to create consistent messaging for internal and external partners, the Organized Retail Crime Team has developed an eLearning course for front line officers and CPS internal support (analysts, patrol support, PSC, RTOC).

Learning Objectives

When you have completed this course you will be able to:

  • Define Organized Retail Crime.
  • Discuss the effects and prevalence of ORC in the community.
  • Evaluate the challenges encountered when dealing with ORC.
  • Identify ORC.
  • Apply solutions to aid in eliminating ORC